Flavell to play college basketball in USA

By James Perry

Matangiroa Flavell, of Te Arawa and Taranaki has been awarded another scholarship in the USA. She has spent the last two years at Midland College, and will soon head to Houston Baptist University in Texas.

Houston Baptist University (HBU) plays division one basketball. Which Flavell says is the pinnacle of college sports in the USA.

Basketball is not all that led Flavell to choose HBU. She says HBU offers her the resources that will help her with her health science studies.

The Biology student has already spent two years studying in America, at Midland College, also in Texas. This scholarship will see her at HBU for another two years, but will hopefully complete her degree in that time. 

She says living overseas, away from family has been hard, but over time it has become easier. 

One of her sisters, Mīria says while it has been hard having the baby of the family living overseas, she is chasing her dreams and that is the main thing.

Spending as much time with the whānau, as well as finding a job is what Flavell is hoping to do for now, before she leaves for HBU at the end of August.