Flaxmere-raised fighter grabbing hold of second chance

By Aroha Treacher

Brisbane-based professional MMA fighter Dimps Gillies is taking his second chance at making it in the fight game. The boy from Flaxmere has made his way to the Australian Fighting Championship MMA.

“What motivates me is I just feel like it’s something I was made for, something it’s hard to explain. I feel like that’s my place, my home away from my home,” Gillies says.

Raised in Flaxmere, his wayward teenage years distracted him from fighting but now at 27 he has a second wind to make his dream happen.

“I should’ve pursued it at 16 and I’d be somewhere by now but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. It was either be a fighter or be a rapper. So I was a better fighter than a musician, so it was an easy choice.”

Gillies is sitting on six pro fights, with four wins and two losses. Recently, he fought well-known NZ fighter Mike "Blood" Diamond in the Eternal 50 MMA in NZ.

“My goal is to make a top platform, so there’s three that I have in my head as options and that is UFC, One Champion or Bellator MMA.”

For this former Hastings Boys High School student, he is just taking each fight opportunity as it comes.