Flooding closes Wellington schools and roads

By Rahia Timutimu

Schools have closed, train services have been disrupted and parts of a number of state highways following slips and flooding caused by heavy rain in the Wellington region and it will get worse as more rain is on the way.

State Highway 1 was bumper to bumper with traffic going nowhere because of floods.

Since 7am a crews have been working hard to unblock the roads caused by slips as a result of flooding.

An alternative route for commuters is to go over Paekakariki Hill road, but that was also closed, caused by slips.

North of Wellington was worse, Pauatahanui looked more like a lake, with land fully submerged.

Kapiti was the same, flooding was seen everywhere, with 10 centimetres of rain fall since midnight.

Teachers and students couldn’t get to work, so school was cancelled.

Trains were cancelled, residents have been told to stay away from water ways.