Fog keeps Sharples away from protest opposing Tūhoronuku mandate

By Dean Nathan

Fog kept the Minister of Māori Affairs from attending a consultation meeting in Northland today regarding his proposed Māori language strategy.

A protest group was awaiting his arrival, wanting to let him know their concerns about the decision agreeing that Tūhoronuku has the mandate to settle all Ngāpuhi treaty claims.

Because of the minister's no-show, the group turned its attention to the offices of the Ngāpuhi Rūnanga and the district council.

According to Mereana Robinson, “We're now fighting for our rights, treasures belonging to all Māori not just one tribe.  All these treasures belong to Māori not the Crown.”

The Minister of Māori Affairs was meant to attend today in hope of seeking a strategy to save the native tongue but the confederation say that his Govt aren't even listening to what the respective tribes are saying.

Of the 3000 submissions from Ngāpuhi to the Govt over the mandate issue, the majority do not agree.

Waihoroi Shortland believes, “Now 63% of Ngāpuhi submissions don't support it so what's the difference if the previous vote financed by the Govt to the tune of $3mil supported it? 

“That's how much the Crown has spent to achieve what it wants.”

It's now become very clear that the strong opposition to the Govt's handling of this issue will not go away.