Food vouchers offered to give up smoking

Yesterday a further 10% tax hike on cigarettes took effect across the country, a strategy strongly supported by a smoking cessation expert of Te Ara Hā Ora.

According to Zoe Hawke, “We need more increases in tax because Māori are slow in their tobacco decline, and if we're going to do something really good for our whānau then we need to make it harder for them to smoke.”

Another underlying problem is women smoking while they are pregnant.

In order to help counter this, the Counties Manukau DHB has launched a programme with Māori and Pacific Island women in Manurewa.

They will be offered a series of vouchers that can be exchanged for goods excluding cigarettes or alcohol, if they commit to giving up smoking while pregnant.

The hope and message that Te Ara Hā Ora continues to advocate is for peers to encourage each other in giving up whilst pregnant.