Former Greens candidate endorses Māori Party candidate in Te Tai Hauāuru

By Heta Gardiner
Jack McDonald. Source - File

Former Green Party candidate in Te Tai Hauāuru Jack McDonald will not stand in this year’s election, instead backing Māori Party candidate Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

McDonald, who stood for the Green Party in Te Tai Hauāuru for several elections, who also held a list position of 13 in the last election, says the Labour Māori MP’s aren’t doing enough, and it is clear there is a need for an independent Māori voice in Parliament.

McDonald stood down from standing for the Green Party, after expressing concern over the party’s direction under co-leader James Shaw.

McDonald stood on the paepae on behalf of the Māori Party today to publically endorse Ngarewa-Packer on Rātana Pā.