Former Minister of Māori Development goes back to the classroom

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

The new Professorial Teaching Fellow at Waikato University is using his knowledge and experience to inspire the new generation of students.

Flavell says, 'It's not found in books, our seen anywhere.  maybe people like me can explain the depth and breadth of the world from my views and experiences'

The former Minister of Māori Development received a warm welcome by Waikato University academics.  

'He'll present to classes in all faculties of the university.  We are honored' Sarah Jane Tiakiwai, Deputy Chancellor Māori

Mataahurangi, Tom Roa says, 'His skills, his knowledge align, his consistency in giving all he can for the Māori culture and Māori youth...The University is blessed by his arrival'

He's no stranger to education, a trained teacher who taught at Secondary and Tertiary level before taking on politics. 

Te Ururoa is well knowing for his unique Māori skillset. He is a master of interweaving both traditional and western philosophies

Politics, business, and language are some of the subjects he will share with Waikato students.

The beauty of being involved in education is that you hold the knowledge of many in your hands

The roaming professor starts ahead of the incoming students. They'll be welcomed Te Kohinga Mārama tomorrow.
Rukuwai Tipene Allen, Te Kāea