Former Miss Latu celebrates marriage and ANZ launch

updated By Rahia Timutimu

With three weeks to go until the start of the ANZ Netball Championship, the Northern Mystics had their season launch today as they prepare for their first game on the first of next month. It's a double celebration this week for Catherine Latu, now known as Catherine Tuivaiti, who just got married over the weekend.

This Mystics shooter has a new ring and a new surname.

Catherine Tuivaiti is smiling from head to toe after getting married two weeks ago.

“It’s a little like it always has been, we’ve spoken a lot and we’ve been together for 11 years. Obviously some ups and downs, because who doesn’t have those, but it kind of feels the same, because we always talked about how we didn’t want it to change us. And we just go on in life as one person” says newlywed, Tuivaiti.

The 29-year-old married her long-term partner, Jim Tuivaiti.

“It was incredible and I don’t know if it was because I was so anal about everything, because I needed to do everything myself and make sure I had a hand in all the plans. Either way it worked out perfectly,” says Tuivaiti.

Co-team mate Kayla Cullen said, “It was absolutely amazing but I think Catherine brought her own flavour to it, she had lip-synced battles and it was really funny and creative."

But it's back to reality for the Ngāpuhi descendant as she and her team mates celebrate the Mystics' season launch at SkyCity.

“There are definitely nerves but I think it’s good because we’re not getting too complacent,” says Tuivaiti.

It's the first ANZ launch for Megan Craig, who is experiencing a lot of firsts as a new player to the competition.

“I’m so excited, especially because the anticipation is bubbling in us now. Having this launch, it gives us that extra boost and motivation,” says Craig.

Next month in Auckland, the Mystics will play their first game against the Southern Steel.

Catherine Tuivaiti (Latu) has been through an adventurous two weeks. The 29-year-old recently married her long-term partner Jim Tuivaiti and today she celebrates the launch of the Mystics, as they prepare for the start of the ANZ Championship.

Tuivaiti says "We've been together 11 years, obviously we've had some ups and downs, who doesn't have those? But it kind of feels the same, we always talked about how we didn't want to change   "

Her teammates were also present at the wedding, with Kayla Cullen adding "I think Catherine brought her own flavour to it, she had lip-synced battles and it was really funny and creative "

The Mystics look to have a better year than previous years, as they finished 7th last year and 10th the year before.

They'll have the first game of the year, when they welcome the Southern Steel to Auckland on the 1st of April.