Former Silver Fern cautions Netball NZ

By Ruth Smith

Former Silver Fern, Marg Foster is throwing caution to Netball New Zealand.  She believes an exodus of netball players could make its way offshore if the New Zealand side doesn't pick up their game.

Basic errors and line-up issues have been some of the concerns for New Zealand netball fans.

Foster is calling for change.

"If this happened in rugby, would we be even having this discussion?" says Foster.

With the recent loss to Jamaica and the Commonwealth Games looming, the New Zealand side has copped a lot criticism.

"I kind of got a bit wound up about that last performance against Jamaica because we've traditionally beaten Jamaica and we've always been able to be outcoaching them in regards to what we put out there." Foster says.

"I sort of feel like netball is really on the brink.  Our numbers are possibly declining and how we can benefit is by actually being successful….We need the Silver Ferns to be successful.  They are the pinnacle for us and for young netballers moving forward".

She understands the pressures of coaching top sides and it is clear to her who should be at the helm of our national team.

"I love Janine," says Foster, "I think she's a really neat person but at the end of the day we want to have the best possible coach available to represent New Zealand…I think the coach of the team should obviously be Noelene Taurua.  I'm a really big fan of hers.  I've seen what she's capable of and also I've seen what results she gets".

The Ferns will meet at the Commonwealth Games next month and Foster says confidence across the court is key if New Zealand want a strong showing.