Former Silver Fern’s Tairi and Langman add Kiwi flavour to Australian concept

By James Perry

Former Silver Ferns Laura Langman and Courtney Tairi are teaming up to deliver a netball programme around the country.

The programme originated from Australia and has proven successful for the development of future Diamond players.

A successful Australian programme has hit the courts in New Zealand.

Tairi says, "It's an Australian product, it's got all your basics, and it's got all your fundamental skills. When you go to Australian netball courts and New Zealand at the same age is completely different because they are learning all these things."

The former Silver Ferns player has teamed up with another former international to deliver the NETFIT Netball concept created by former netballer Sarah Wall.

"But Laura (Langman) and I can modify it a little bit and also instill the one percenters, working hard, so that once they get to the elite age they start learning this stuff. At the Stars (Northern Stars) last year some of the girls were still just learning to pass with one hand. That to me is crazy I have been passing with one hand since I was seven years old in Australia," said Tairi.         

Tairi can already see results.

Courtney Tairi says, "While we train them we don't actually play games, and I was working with one of the schools and I wanted to go watch them play and just the way they train I could tell which ones were talented but I also knew which of the girls were hard workers."

Both Tairi and Langman hope the programme will create a winning formula here. 

"Bringing a successful Australian product but me and Laura (Langman) putting our own Kiwi spin on it and getting the best out of the Kiwi players, and because we understand how kiwi players work we can put a spin on it."

Tairi also confirms she hasn't ruled out any chances of making a return to the ANZ Premiership next season.