Free Fish Heads website gains popularity

By Dean Nathan
It's an initiative that began out of anger at the massive waste of food.  
Two years have now passed since the launch of the Free Fish Heads website with its developer saying they're now seeing wider benefits.  
You just need to register online to hook up with a long list of fishers giving away fish heads on the Free Fish Head website. 
Two years on, the site developer says there are many more benefits for the 5000 registered members on the site.
Matt Watson says, "There are people actually all around New Zealand that have struck up friendships over this, which I'm quite proud of. Putting two groups of people together that otherwise may not have met."
Māori consider the head of the fish to be a delicacy and is usually the first part of the fish they'll eat. 
Some may not be brave enough to suck the eyes out of a fish for amusement but it does seem that people are becoming more aware that not only are the fillets of the fish good to eat, but so are the head, the wings, the body and the bones.
Watson says, "I've tried convincing people how good fish heads are but , you know, I know in the case of my own famiy that you can't convince everyone. So the people that you can't convince to eat them say well look here someone that will come and take them off your and lets stop the waste."
So whether you're fishing or not, the website can provide you with a beautiful meal of this delicacy for free.