A fresh look at Māori media

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

The role of Māori media will be put under the lens by two young Māori broadcasters.

Kimiora Kaire Melbourne and Te Aorere Pewhairangi have been awarded Ngarimu VC Scholarships to analyse whether Māori media are up to the job.

Their aim is to answer the question, 'What do we as Māori have to do to ensure we progress in Māori broadcasting?'.

The young couple are turning a unique lens on their own industry. 

They have created a six-part model - Mata Ono - that breaks down the role of Māori media from modern technology to tikanga. 

Their findings will be combined as a final resource. 

The Ngarimu VC scholarship was set up in 1943 to support Māori excellence in tertiary level education.

Eight successful applicants will be awarded their scholarships at parliament this evening.

The pair are humbled by the scholarships and want to do their best in raising Māori achievement. 

They plan to submit their Māori approach to broadcasting to Waikato University by the end of the year.