Fuel cuts, half-price public transport extended

By Mana Wikaire-Lewis

The fuel tax cut and half-price public transport fees have been extended again, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said today.

Hipkins said the fuel excise duty (FED) decrease and half-price public transportation costs will both remain through June 30.

Though legislation is needed first, the road user charge discount that ended last night will also have an extension to the same date.

The half-price public transport fees will save an average person who pays two $5 fares a day $25 a week. 

The 25c per litre petrol excise duty cut will reduce an average 60-litre tank of petrol by $17.25.

“I’ve said bread and butter issues like the cost of living would be my top priority. This is our first step in dealing with some of the persistent cost pressures on businesses and families,” Hipkins said.

The measures were first introduced by then-prime minister Jacinda Ardern to help curb the cost-of-living crisis last year as groceries, house rates and prices, rose with fuel price hikes putting more pressure on families.

"Cutting fuel excise and keeping half-price public transport gives some extra relief as Auckland goes through a difficult period," Hipkins said.

“New Zealanders understand we’re facing international pressures driving up inflation and prices. This policy won’t solve the crisis but it will make a difference. I know that every bit helps."