Georgina Beyer reveals reservation over Internet-MANA partnership

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Georgina Beyer spoke out today about her concerns with Internet-MANA's relationship, saying the essence of the MANA's policies have changed.  However Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes says the party leaders don't share the same view.

The Internet-MANA relationship has been one that started in the limelight, but one MANA Movement candidate doesn't believe the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Georgina Beyer says, “The essence of the MANA Party has changed a lot.  I think that some times the Internet Party has come out with policy announcements of their own, and can, to some degree, compromise where our party is on some things.”

”It's Kim Dotcom that I have reservations about and really would like to see him take more of a back seat now, and let the want-to-be politicians get on with campaigning,” she continues.

However, MANA Movement's Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes says her party's leaders don't share the same views.

She says, “(Beyer) has her own views, but they differ to those of MANA's leaders.  Despite that we still welcome Internet with open arms.”

Beyer believes MANA Movement is being forced to compromise their vision to satisfy the Internet Party.  On the other hand, Annette Sykes disagrees and believes that MANA’s core principles have not changed.

“No, definitely not.  The main thing is that the poor and unemployed are tended to,” says Sykes.

Beyer is on the election campaign trail to try and win Te Tai Tonga, Rino Tirikatene is ahead in the Māori Television poll by 31% and now it seems she also has more than one battle on her hands.