Get a warrant of fitness for your body - Dr Sarah Sciascia

By Bronson Perich

Porirua-based GP Dr Sarah Sciascia is calling on Māori to use springtime to get a health check.

Dr Sciascia says that just as motor vehicles need periodical checks, the same logic should be applied to health and wellbeing.

“Your tīnana is your waka!” Dr Sciascia says.

“It gets you from A to B. It does everything you need to do for life!”

Free health checks

Dr Sciascia says looking around the community for free checks will often yield great results. Blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer checks and the like can be done for free.

“I’m so passionate about our whānau Māori, our whānau Pasifika being well!” Dr Sciascia says.

“I’m tired of having to clean up the mess of that big ‘C’ word – colonisation!”

She says that if Māori are healthier, they will be in a better position to fight injustices and create better outcomes.

“When we prosper we can consider getting our land back,” she says.

Dr Sciascia says those who have experienced trauma in the health system can still be protected and safe.

Dr Sarah Sciascia is encouraging Māori to get checked - Photo / File

"I want you to come and know that you're going to be looked after," she says.

For those that cannot find a doctor they can connect with can also see her.

"Just come to me and I'll make sure it all happens for you," she says.

Dr Sciascia would like mobile clinics touring the country, giving free health checks.

You can also call Healthline free on 0800 611 116 for free health information. To learn more about Healthline, click here.