Getting Kiwi kids BikeReady

The Government is spending $23m to get more Kiwi kids riding bikes. 

The funding will provide riding tracks, bikes, helmets and storage facilities to 120 schools, most of them low decile, giving 43,000 children access to safe environments to develop their riding confidence.

Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter says, "Not every child has a bike at home so this will help ensure kids don't miss out on the opportunity to learn to ride."

BikeReady will put expert riders with students to teach best practise - Photo / File

NZTA will also provide more funding to BikeReady programme, putting students with expert riders to teach them best practice and how to be sensible road users.

Genter says, "What we want is for kids to be able to learn to be confident and safe on their bike in a school environment before going out on the roads.

"This just provides that experience so that parents can also feel confident in letting their kids cycle to school."