Glencoal mining gets green light

By Heeni Brown

Whilst there was great opposition, Fonterra's subsidiary company Glencoal Energy Limited has been given the green light by the Waikato District Council and Waikato Regional Council for an open cast coal mine in Mangatangi.

Fonterra's Glencoal Energy Limited has a 70 acre block proposed to mine coal. Now, they've been given the go ahead where it is expected to mine a total of 700,000 tonne a year.

Last month in Mangatangi an independent panel heard from a number of submissions relating to Glencoal’s proposal.

Many submitters expressed concern about the potential impacts of the Mangatangi Opencast Mine on the local community and the environment

A total of 82 submissions from the public were received by the Waikato District Council, 72 opposing Glencoal’s application to mine in the area - Waikato Regional Council on the other hand received 127 submissions, 118 of those opposing Glencoal's application to mine in the area.

Waikato District and Regional Councils have approved Glencoal's consent to mine, but it's subject to conditions designed to address a range of environmental and health concerns.

Fonterra say they are committed to continue discussions with the community, and they are also committed to the regulations set in the Resource Consent.

It looks like Mana Whenua's fight against Glencoal may end there.

Te Kāea also interviewed farmers in the area who did not wish to be named, but they too have given up the battle against Glencoal.