Glenn Innes Youth Music and Arts Centre "Te Oro" open to public

By Te Ao Māori News

The "Te Oro" Youth Music and Arts Centre is now open for business in the community of Glenn Innes.

It's a place where the youth can pursue their dreams in music, song and dance using the latest technology.

Excitement was evident in the eyes of the students at the types of knowledge this new centre can provide.

Anahera-Pono Tutengaehe says, “You can feel the spirit, love and support of the community for the Māori youth here.”

Teacher Olivia Muliaumasealii says, “The students today were amazing and they sang their waiata, they even talked about how they would depict the waiata in film format or in digital form.”

The blessing of the building and grounds were carried out last month while still in construction at the time.

On Saturday, the doors were officially opened to the public where all its wares were put on display.

Tamati Patuwai says, “I'm one of the tutors here. My role is to support the young ones here in Glen Innes and Panmure, here in Tāmaki, in the Performing Arts.”

Hopefully it'll entice the youth to use this facility to chase their dreams and to enhance their natural abilities and inner talents just waiting to get out.

Patuwai says, “It's great for Māori youth to be able to confront the future armed with the right knowledge and skills.”