Glenora Bears club celebrates Luke Tipene's legacy

By Wikitōria Day

It has been just over 3 months since the passing of Luke Tipene, the budding young league player who was also passionate about things Māori.

A celebration day was held for him at his league club Glenora where many people turned out in memory of his life and to witness the league games that took place there.

According to Mohi Allen, “It's a beautiful day.  The main thing about today is to celebrate our friend, our treasure, Luke.  It's also to acknowledge his many skills within league, kapa haka and music.”

Not only was today seen as a special memorial day, but a day to bring together those who Luke had a positive influence on throughout his lifetime.

The family want to make this an annual event, not only to celebrate the life of Luke, but to bring together those who are passionate about league.