Golf unites Ronwood members living with diabetes

By Dean Nathan

Sport is a great option for dealing with illnesses and for years it’s been the focus of a group of golfers from the Ronwood Golf Club in Auckland.  They were in Whangarei this weekend for their end of year tournament. 

Captain of Ronwood Golf club, Ned Young loves showing off his putting skill.

“You can’t get close to this fella he's just too good.  But the event is less about points and more about friends and fun,” says Ronwood golfer, Rereata Makiha.

This club supports many of its members who suffer from diabetes.

“A lot of us are diabetic and every year we’re out on the golf courses,” says Makiha.

“Some suffer from old age but most of us are diabetic and this is a good way to keep in shape,” says Ponika-Rangi who is also member of the Ronwood Golf club.

It's the fifth year in a row the club have come to Whangarei for their end of year trip with all expenses paid from the fines and charges handed out over the year.

Ponika-Rangi says the expenses for the trip come from the players, “If you play well you get fined and if you have a day off, you get fined again.”

“We had over $12,000 and that funds our all-expenses paid for trip up north” says Makiha.

It’s a sport initiative that's provided a healthier lifestyle for all participants, all while having fun.