Gone no address - voting packs returned to sender

By Te Ao - Māori News

Thousands of people stand to miss out on voting in upcoming local elections after their enrolment update packs were returned marked "gone no address".

At the end of June, 3.3 million enrolment packs were sent out to check details were up to date.

Approximately 60,000 of those packs 'bounced back'.

National Manager of Enrolment and Community Engagement for the Electoral Commission, Mandy Bohté says, "About 90,000 people have enrolled or updated their details this month and made sure they are ready to vote in the local elections."

Local elections are held by a postal vote, people need to be listed at the right address to get their voting papers in the mail.

Bohté says, "If you've moved house but haven't updated your address, do it now so that you can have your say in the local elections."

Postal voting for the local elections runs from 20 September to 12 October.