Gottfried Lindauer originals stolen in a ram raid style art heist

A pair of Gottfried Lindauer originals were stolen in a ram raid style art heist in the early hours of this morning at the International Art Centre in Parnell Auckland. The paintings had an estimated joint value of close to $1 million dollars.

At 4 am this morning, thieves smashed into this Auckland Art Gallery and made away with two Gottfried Lindauer originals. 

Area Commender Inspector Matt Srhoj told Te Kāea that there was more than one person involved, however, he was unable to say much about any CCTV footage at this stage.

The thieves took, a portrait of Chief Ngatai - Raure dated from 1884 and this portrait of Chieftainess Ngatai - Raure completed in the same year and both about a metre high by half a metre wide.

The paintings had been at this art centre awaiting auction on the 4th April and were estimated to fetch around $400,000 each.

The paintings are thought to have links to Tauranga Moana and police say they are seeking any information that could lead them to their whereabouts.