Government needs stronger Māori focus in parenting programmes

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Māori world-view is key to the success of whānau parenting programmes.  The Social Policy and Research Evaluation Unit released findings today recommending government departments adopt a stronger Māori focus into policy around parenting programmes.

Māori parents are calling out for help to find the best ways to raise their children and families.  Donovan Clarke says Māori could benefit from the findings in this report.

He says, “There are some great points touched on in the report including the importance of our family links and helping one another.  All these things can help to frame better programmes for families.”

The review stemmed from the release of the White Paper Report and one of the findings was that work needs to be continued.

“More funding should be provided so reviews like this can continue and so analysts can see the good things in the various programmes,” says Clarke.

One of the focuses for this report is targeting government departments that write policy affecting Māori.

Clarke says, “Te Puni Kōkiri have taken on a Māori world view approach in their various programmes like Kaitoko Whānau and Oranga Whānau.”

But the most important thing is that Māori families benefit from this research.