Government plans to invest $2mil to curb AKL emergency housing crisis

By Taroi Black

The government plans to invest $2mil to help assist emergency housing in Auckland for vulnerable families. Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says she aims to help provide extra support to some of those most in need throughout NZ.

Bennett says, "That need is absolutely there and this will provide an extra 120 beds a year, depending how we contract with organisations, those non-government organisations, the work that they do."

Te Kāea was fortunate enough to follow a current tenant at the James Liston Hostel.  She previously lived on the streets for nine months.  Now Delia Maree Tutaki and her dog "Maia" call this place home.

 Tutaki says, "I feel really safe and comfortable here, and you know I don't feel as though I need to worry about my safety or anything, we have great staff."

The announcement also means that support will be provided to help move people like Delia into sustainable, independent housing one day. 

"Somewhere where i can have my own space and Maia, where we can come and go as we want,” said Tutaki.

The Auckland short-term response will work closely with the Auckland Council which has set aside $250,000 per year over the next two years for emergency housing providers.