Government should focus on falling grades, not white privilege

By Te Ao - Māori News

National's Education spokesman Paul Goldsmith has lashed out at what he calls 'white privilege training' where much of teachers' time and resources are being directed to diversity programmes.

He believes they should be ensuring every Kiwi kid receives a good education.

"We've had reports of … education-type meetings of teachers with training sessions on 'white privilege and other matters.

"I absolutely agree that talking about inequalities within our education system and many issues relating to inequality are important.

"What I don't expect to see is the ministry for education, encouraged by Jacinda Ardern and government, importing cultural wars from America into New Zealand in a way that I think is more divisive than helpful."

When asked if white privilege exists, Goldsmith stated that there are "definitely people who have white skin that are privileged and there are people with white skin that aren't."

He doesn't believe his comments are race-baiting.

" I think it is trying to keep our focus on the things that really matter in education which is the power that education has to allow to fulfil their opportunities in life."