Govt decreases recreational fishing quota

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy announced this afternoon the Government's decision to decrease the recreational fishing quota.  The decrease is hardly significant enough to concern the public, but Mandy Kupenga from LegaSea, a group fighting for recreational fishermen, questions whether the Government's change was even necessary.

The Govt's decision to reduce snapper bag limits from 9 to 7 snapper for each recreational fishers was heard today.  Mandy Kupenga says it's not an acceptable outcome for recreational fishers.

The announcement means from April 1 next year, you can only catch seven 30cm snapper, which will prove difficult says Mandy.

Nathan Guy announced that this is a fair and balanced package, but Mandy thinks otherwise.

The changes were made to ensure the sustainability of snapper numbers, and come April 1 next year, we will find out whether it does.