Govt tracing app data could be accessed by USA/AUS - Karaitiana Taiuru

By Bronson Perich

Technologist Karaitiana Taiuru says that the data collected by the Government’s new tracing app could be accessed by foreign governments. Taiuru says that because the data collected from the app is being stored overseas.

“For me personally, the issue is, personal data is being stored in Australia on an American owned service,” Karaitiana Taiuru says.

“So that means our data is under the jurisdiction of three different countries, Australia, America and New Zealand.

“If for any reason the American Government needed or wanted that data, they have the full rights to access it and use it, as they wish.”

Taiuru has a simple solution, don’t use it. There is another app, Taiuru says that traces movements but keeps the data on the user's phone. The name of the app is Rippl, a New Zealand made app that applies Te Tiriti ethics.

About the Govt tracing app

The Government released an app that allows users to track their movements by scanning QR codes.

More than 350,000 people have downloaded it and signed up to use it.

Those who sign up on the app register their contact details and consent for the app to record their daily movements. 

The information is then held by the Ministry of Health.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described it as a digital diary that records when, where and how long people visit places.

Recently technologist Karaitiana Taiuru recently developed a series of guidelines for data and artificial intelligence.

It’s the first indigenous data protocol ever created.

Taiuru hopes the Government will adopt these measures to preserve the mauri of our data and protect our privacy.