Green Party MP Marama Davidson says Prime Minister should step down from white ribbon

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Green Party MP Marama Davidson says John Key should step down as an ambassador of the White Ribbon anti-violence campaign following his role in a rape joke during a radio broadcast.

“The right thing for him would be to step down as a White Ribbon ambassador. That's entirely his choice, he can make that decision and he should,” said Davidson.

Transgender prison advocacy group ‘No Pride in Prisons’ are also asking the Prime Minister for an immediate apology. Davidson agrees.

“It's time for John Key to support and apologise to all victims of rape.  To be a champion for them and condemn such action,” added Davidson.

It isn't the first time the Prime Minister has participated in radio pranks. Last week, The Edge radio station challenged Mr Key to either, “Pull some ponytails” or sing a few bars of Mariah Carey's, All I Want for Christmas.

Māori Party Co-Leader Marama Fox believes the radio stations need act more responsibly.

“This isn't entertainment, it's absolutely inappropriate.  It's wrong for a radio station to organise this type of prank,” said Fox. 

A petition calling for the Prime Minister to step down as a White Ribbon Ambassador has gathered 10,000 signatures.