Greens announce new ‘Kids Kiwisaver’ policy

By Ripeka Timutimu

Every child in NZ will have close to $13,000 in savings by the time they turn 18 if the Greens new policy gets the go ahead.

The new policy is called "Kids Kiwisaver" and the Greens believe it would be a game-changer.

According to Metiria Turei, “It is a very small investment into our future and our kids need to know that at 18 they can take up the types of opportunities that are available to them.”

Roydon Ihaia and his wife have two children and the cost to support them is definitely on their minds.  But he says this policy could help other parents in the future.

“I believe there is gonna be a flow on effect, if that was provided coz obviously as an incentive to have kids and peace mind for parents know that there's something there for their kids,” says Ihaia.

It's an easy thing to talk about policy but gaining support for it is the difficult part.

“National have let go of any responsibility for dealing with poverty and I’m not expecting much in the budget but they are welcome to look at this policy,” says Turei.