Greens co-leader James Shaw supports Metiria despite benefit and electoral fraud

Greens co-leader James Shaw remains defiant and has said that none of Metiria's Turei's decisions have changed his mind. He's supporting her despite her admission of benefit and electoral fraud.

We spoke with voters about Metiria's leadership and received mixed reactions.

“It's sad what's happening with the Green Party and their leader Metiria.”

“I think she should step down, someone else, a leader, should step up to the position.”

“If she wants to finish off what’s she’s started, that’s her decision.”

Greens co-leader James Shaw is right behind Metiria, despite her admissions.

"Yes, I did support her and I've supported all of her decisions since then. I know it was a risk, it was a risk for her personally, and obviously we knew it was a risk for the campaign but we felt that it was worth doing."

He also admits her benefit fraud was a tough choice to make.

"If I had to choose between feeding my kid and bending the rules a bit, then that's really a tough choice to make."

He is not prepared to take sole leadership of the Green Party.

"I don't think there's any question of that. Metiria and I are a leadership team that's going to take us into the election and out the other side of it as well."

So, it's going to be an issue for the voters to decide.