Greens discuss compulsory reo in schools with NZ Principals Federation

By Heta Gardiner

The Green Party have met with the New Zealand Principals Federation regarding their policy to have Te Reo Māori as a core subject in schools.

The party made compulsory reo in schools part of their policy earlier this year and have also met with the Māori Language Commission with many more groups on the agenda.

“We started it in a school, we launched in a school and we’re talking to all of the teacher’s, organisations, all of the te reo scholars, some of the academics, everybody that knows about this,” says Greens Education Spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.

The New Zealand Principals Federation are supportive of the idea. The president of the federation Whetu Cormick says, “The Principal’s Federation is very supportive of the idea of teaching te reo Māori in schools. I think it is encouraging that the Green Party is enabling a conversation to happen with the profession. 

"However, they are aware that we currently don’t have the teachers to execute this idea right now.There needs to be a strong teaching force to be able to deliver the program that they are suggesting,” says Cormick.