Gunman still at large in Northland

By Lynette Amoroa

A gunman is believed to be at large in a Northland rural area and two people are feared dead after a shooting that took place early this afternoon at Whareora, North East of Whangarei. A third person was also shot and is receiving medical treatment.

The normally quiet rural area of Whareora has now become the centre of a fatal incident.

All three people were at a rural address on Mt Tiger Road, Whareora, when the shooting occurred.  It's believed two people died as a result of their injuries, and a third person is currently getting medical attention for moderate injuries. The news has come as a shock to locals.

Whangarei resident Ken Berry told Te Kāea, “I look after a forest up the top of Tiger Mountain where it looks like where all the actions been. I was just on my way out to check the gates but I heard from a reliable source that there has been an incident up there. Could be a double shooting.”

Road access was blocked off in and around Whareora and Parua Bay, leaving locals feeling unsafe knowing the shooter is still at large. 

Whangarei resident Renee Landsdown says, “If there is somebody walking around it’s a bit too close to home.”

The Armed Offenders Squad was deployed not long after the news. A helicopter and police team were also on the scene. Locals are still unsure when they can return to their homes.

Berry says, “This road is one access to Tiger Mountain from the Waiora side. I understand the other access which is around Para Bay is also closed. I understand from the Police it could be quite a number of hours before everything is cleared.”

Police are speaking to the occupants of neighbouring properties inside the cordon and are advising them to stay indoors.