Haka video for Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt goes viral

A video of a haka being performed for Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt has gone viral with over 1.8 million views online. The haka was performed by members of Gold Coast gym Heartbreak Conditioning and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa to honour Hunt ahead of his UFC clash against Derrick Lewis next month.

A warrior of his community honoured with a traditional war dance before he enters the heat of battle.  

Heartbreak Conditioning Trainer, Cole Smith says, "It was more just a message from the heart for the bro Mark and all the things that he's done for the sport and all the things he represents, yeah that was the main thing and then Jason Momoa jumping into too which was obviously a prominent profile of Polynesian people too so I thought it would be a good message too at the same time." 

Smith says online feedback for the haka featuring the Hollywood star and kanaka Maoli Momoa has been overwhelming. 

Smith says, "He was always a big fan of Mark's and we all sort of just had lunch and then he was always talking about Māori culture and that and we were all starting to prepare to do haka for Mark so invited him along to see if he was keen."

The haka called Mānuka Whakawaha composed by Tapunga Nepe speaks of taking on the challenge, a befitting message for the Gold Coast-based heavyweight who will face American Derrick Lewis.

Smith says, "Mark's been training the house down so he's looking really good.  Weights are in check and game plan looks pretty solid and he's really pumped up for this one obviously coming home and that back to Auckland.  He's obviously pretty pumped after the haka!"

Smith says the home support for Hunt has put him in good stead as he prepares for his fight on home soil.

Smith says, "We're going home which is an important part of his career especially since he hasn't fought there for over 16 years type thing.  So just wanted to send him off and give him something unique from us."

The two heavyweights are set to clash on June 11.