Hamilton case likely historical; two new border cases

By Te Ao - Māori News

There are two new cases of Covid-19 to report in New Zealand today.

There are no new cases in the community.

The positive cases are arrivals from Zambia and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE arrival is in the Auckland quarantine facility, while the Zambia arrival has been in hospital in Auckland.

*This managed isolation guest was transferred to hospital in Auckland due to a non-Covid-19 related condition. The person’s routine managed isolation test returned a positive result while they were in hospital," the Ministry of Health said in a statement Sunday.

"Local health officials report Covid-19 infection and prevention protocols were in place and followed to ensure the safety of health care workers and the public. Health services are readily available for all managed isolation guests to ensure their health needs are met, and protocols are in place to manage the welfare and safety of staff and the public. The public can be assured hospitals are safe to visit."

There are currently 66 active cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand. The total number of confirmed cases to date is 1,964.

Hamilton case

The ministry says high CT counts and serology results from the Hamilton case reported yesterday indicate the case is most likely historical and not infectious. However, genomic sequencing results have been inconclusive and will be rerun.

The public health risk is still considered to be low, the ministry said.