Hāpai Te Hauora welcomes drug testing policy to support students

National public health organization Hāpai Te Hauora acknowledges Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology based in Rotorua for reviewing their policy to drug test students.

Hāpai understands the need for drug testing in the trade industry and says drug testing should not be a barrier for those young people wanting to pursue a career in the industry. However positive test results should be followed up with the necessary support options such as counseling to move students away from becoming addicted to drugs.

CEO of Hāpai, Lance Norman says, “In the past, many young Māori and Pacific interested in the trades have been turned away because of drug testing, when it could have been a far more positive outcome, ending in more trade qualified New Zealanders and an opportunity for a health intervention that would benefit that young person and their families future for life".

Hāpai looks forward to Toi Ohomai making their final decisions about next steps for drug-testing for trade students in 2018.