Harawira criticises police response to shots fired at his office

By Mihingarangi Forbes

Te Taitokerau MP Hone Harawira claims 10 days after shots were fired at his office he feels completely ignored by Police after filing a complaint with them.

On Native Affairs last night it was revealed that Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy had contacted Police urging them to get in touch with Harawira regarding the investigation.

Harawira told Mihingarangi Forbes that only after his office contacted Police demanding they make contact with him he received a message asking him to get in touch with them, however  he says this is not good enough.

He also drew a comparison in regards to the apparent swift Police response to an axe being thrown through Helen Clark’s office window in 2004 and a fire bombing incident at Prime Minister John Key’s office in 2009. He says the lack of urgency in his situation and apparent delay in finding out who took shots at his office is alarming.

Harawira told Native Affairs, he is no stranger to threats but the slow response has him worried not only for himself, his family and staff but the surrounding community where his office is based.

Today police responded to Hone Harawira’s claim saying they visited his office to look into the shooting two days after the incident. This was confirmed by Moana Erickson a staff member at the electorate office, she also confirmed she has contacted police asking them to contact Hone directly in regards to the case.