Harawira maintains focus despite increased support for Davis

By Dean Nathan

On the day to take down political billboards, Hone Harawira was maintaining his focus on the major issue at hand.

“My best wishes to everyone, irrespective of who they vote for.  I'm asking you to vote for the person whose main focus is our children because it's not about funding or anything else, it's about feeding our kids,” says Hone Harawira.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Davis is feeling buoyant with the added support this week from the PM himself, John Key, Winston Peters and from the Māori Party as well.

Kelvin Davis says, “I have the support of other political leaders urging the people of Te Tai Tokerau to vote for me because I am a good candidate, I am just, I am strong, and I am passionate about raising the bar for the Te Tai Tokerau people, so I'm pleased at the support shown by those leaders.”

It's the third general election that Kelvin Davis has come up against Hone Harawira and to date, the leader of the MANA Movement is yet to be beaten by the Labour machine. 

Tomorrow, the nation will see whether the long-held aspiration of this Ngāti Manu leader of winning the Māori seat in this electorate will finally come to fruition.