Harawira to prioritise community initiatives

By Heeni Brown

Following their loss in this year's elections, Mana Movement has re-grouped with a national hui to discuss their future.

Leader Hone Harawira says politics will take a back seat as the party moves forward to focus on its community initiatives.

Harawira says "Let's not commit ourselves to a full-blown parliamentary movement right now, because I'm not prepared to give that type of energy right now, that's the reality."

Instead, Harawira says his community initiatives like "Open the Curtains" and "Taitokerau Rugby League" will be given the priority.

"This is isn't about ending the movement. It's about talking one on one and gauging where everyone is at and discuss what our future looks tomorrow and in the years to come. At the end of the day, Mana will always work for our people, our communities no matter who's at the helm because that's what Mana is all about."

Māori Party president Tukoroirangi Morgan was also part of today's meeting held at Glenfield's Community Hall in Auckland, but Te Kāea were not privy to that part of the discussions.

Before entering the meeting Morgan was asked where the Māori Party failed in their election campaign, he responded: "Let me finish my discussions and then we can sit down and talk."

Previous to the election the Mana and Māori Parties signed an agreement to work together. It included the Māori Party not standing a candidate in the Te Taitokerau electorate.

Harawira says "It's only right that Māori Party do what they have to do and if they want to discuss anything further with us then we'll wait until the time arises."

Mana Movement's national hui ends today and tomorrow the focus will be on the Māori Party whose members are set to meet at Auckland University's Waipapa Marae to discuss their future.