Harawira tightens his grip to maintain Tai Tokerau seat

By Heeni Brown

It was in the last Kōwhiri 14 debate, where MANA leader Hone Harawira was trying to maintain his Te Tai Tokerau seat.  This comes after Māori Television's Reid Research Poll results that show Kelvin Davis is neck-and-neck with Harawira.

Māori Party's Te Hira Paenga is way behind these two big sharks in the race for Te Tai Tokerau, but despite the facts, this baby shark continues to have his voice heard.

At the southern point of the electorate, we saw labourers voicing their concerns on the hardships of working and still finding it hard to pay the bills.

Then there was a question posed to the Māori Party, on what effect their 'Whānau Ora' key policy has had to resolve the issue of sexual child abuse in the community of Pāmupuria, but never came to anything.