The Harmonic Resonators raise the roof at Huria Marae

By Te Ao - Māori News

The Harmonic Resonators have joined forces with Huria Marae to raise the roof this Matariki.

In an effort to raise funds to replace the leaky roof of the wharekai at the marae in Tauranga Moana, the country-folk band and Huria Marae held a Matariki fundraising concert at the weekend.

The band has seen particular success online singing classic māori waiata and covers in te reo māori and decided the fundraiser was a great way to give back to te ao Māori.

“They had a desire to do something on the marae. We had the right spot for them to do something on the marae. So Jeremy and I put our heads together, looked down the calendar and said' what about we do a Matariki kind of set and a kaupapa with our roof (replacement.)'”  Huria Marae Kaumātua, Peri Kohu says.

“When he heard I was going to be in town he said, why don’t you play down at Huria Marae, come down and play for our folk, I’m sure they’d love a gig. Doing this one for the spirit of Matariki,” The Harmonic Resonators' Jeremy Hantler says.

The Harmonic Resonators support Huria Marae Fundraiser / Source: The Harmonic Resonators

Time to give back

The two-story wharekai, which was re-opened by the late Te Ariki Nui Te Ata-i-Rangi Kaahu in 1977, is in need of a roof replacement. Kohu says the roof is expected to cost $40,000 to replace, with an extra $20,000 on top to install solar panels that will power the marae.

“The roof is leaking. The thought is we would put more light into the kitchen area. And that’s what will happen with our new roof. It will give it even more power with the solar power, you could run the whole marae with the panels on that roof” says Kohu.

Jeremy says “the whole music playing thing’s been a massive roller coaster, and we’ve had some amazing opportunities and some awesome experiences have landed in our lap. So it’s really nice to give something back to some of the communities from which the songs came.”

Over $4,000 was raised on the night to go towards the new roof of the wharekai.