Has the Treaty of Waitangi served its purpose?

By Ripeka Timutimu

It was signed to bring two peoples together, but after 175 years, has the Treaty of Waitangi served its purpose? 

Around 2000 people turned out to celebrations at Waitangi Park in Wellington, a peaceful gathering for many, and rightly so.

Spectator David Lee says, "Let's hope it doesn't take another 175 years.  I think we are entering a new generation that have a better understanding of issues."

Looking to the Bay of Plenty, it looks like they've found money, but have they obtained mana?

Te Arawa is famously known for hosting their visitors, but these descendants want that reciprocated.

In the Hawke's Bay region, despite the rain, Ngāti Kahungunu turned out in full force, with the thought that through educating non-Māori, everyone will benefit.

A melting pot of cultures, it's been a tough ride for Māori in Auckland to stake their claim.

Ngāti Whātua o Ōrākei representative Ngarimu Blair and his iwi played host to the masses at Takaparawhau today.

 Most celebrations went off without a hitch, but who knows if things will be the same in the future.