Hastings Supermarket makes deal with local grower

There's not much you can buy for less than 10c these days. For the past two weeks, Pak n Save in Hastings has been selling tonnes of apples and pears for only 9c a kilo.

Hastings Pak n Save has struck a deal with local orchards to offer fruit at rock bottom prices.

Pak n Save Hastings Owner Brendon Smith says, “we approached our growers around here and basically we decided to pick up 9c because it works so well.”

So what's wrong with them then? Well, the answer is nothing.

“That's really good I should get some more, but yeah, it's a really good deal”, says a satisfied customer.

The price point has meant they've sold 10 times more pears in a week than their usual two tonnes. 20 bins have been sold so far and it's expected that they'll all be gone by Sunday.

Smith says, “we're definitely not making any money on them but it's something that we can give back to the community as well which I think is really good.”

There is no limit on how many pears can be purchased. The only catch is, you have to be quick.