Hato Paora send love to Ōtautahi

By Regan Paranihi

Hato Paora College has shared a tribute to the victims and families who were affected by the March 15 terror attack in Christchurch.

Source: Hato Paora College Facebook page

The video carries a message for Aotearoa - to give nothing to racism.

Students in the video hold signs with the words, 'Give no tolerance', 'Give no laughs', 'Give no likes', 'Give no agreement', 'Give no attention', 'Give no welcome', 'Give no power' and 'Give nothing to racism'.

This is then followed by a heartfelt traditional Māori waiata, Piriponotia, composed by renowned Māori songwriter, the late Morvin Simon.

The video is a dedication to the Muslim Community and those who lost loved ones.

The Māori boys boarding school was founded in 1947 and is one of the four remaining Māori boarding schools in the country.