Haua twins aiming to take soccer world by storm.

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The Haua twins are aiming to take the soccer world by storm.

Te Kāea asked the brothers who is the better player of the two.

Dan Haua / Matt Haua / Māori Football NZ say, “Well it's quite obvious that I'm the best player out of us two. You might be the best but I'm the best looking. Nah I think we are pretty equal in talent, being twins we got to split it half and half, that's the fairest way of putting it.”

Rotorua brothers, Dan and Matt Haua say they were thrilled when they found out they were selected for Māori Football NZ's U19s team, Kahukura. But they've faced obstacles.

Dan Haua says, “Cost was kind of like the taniwha of our journey because it always kind of stopped us from doing certain things whether it was football or non-football related and especially having two of us was kind of like the icing on the cake, yeah doubling the price for everything.

And despite these challenges, their main focus is to inspire the next generation, like 8-year-old Mahaki Pomare-Rakena.

Mahaki Pomare-Rakena says, “I want to play for this team (Kahukura) and Rio Madrid.

The Haua twins say if you have the passion like Mahaki, anything's possible.

Dan Haua says, “You don't have to have the flashes gears or come from the wealthiest families all you got to do is put in the hard yards and then something will show for it eventually.”

Kahukura face Fiji next week on Monday in the hope of qualifying for the OFC tournament.