Hauraki and Te Arawa agree on access to Moehau Maunga

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

After months of negotiating with the Hauraki tribes of Marutūāhu, Te Arawa will be allowed continued access to their ancestral ties at Moehau Mountain in Coromandel.

Taking a step forward, just in time for Christmas goodwill.

Marutūāhu Collective Chair Paul Majuery. “The return of Moehau will come back to the Hauraki Collective of which the Marutūāu tribes are a part.”

But the questions and issues raised by Te Arawa have not been forgotten.

“We share whakapapa we share the history and we also share a taonga that is Moehau maunga.”

Since 2009, Hauraki Collective have been in negotiations with the crown to settle the right of access for Te Arawa to the Tihi Block.

Te Pukenga Koeke o Te Arawa spokesperson Toby Curtis, We wanted to ensure they couldn't ignore our rights to access Moehau when we wanted to.

And that was enhanced by a gesture of goodwill.

“This is the gift given to us by Ngāti Maru(tūāhu) on Monday to join us, the connection between Te Arawa and Marutūāhu, because Tamatekapua is buried on the summit of Moehau.”

However, those ties are embedded in the ashes of the Tarawera eruption, more than 200 years ago.

“This deed marks the time Tūhourangi returned the land gifted by Marutūāhu, following the Tarawera eruption. This was returned in 1984. It was approximately 2,000 acres of land.”

Through continued discussions the issues are now settled between Te Arawa and Ngāti Marutūāhu, based on the saying, you can separate a person from their land, but you can't separate them from their genealogical ties.

Majuery says, “As far as we see it and has been confirmed by the leadership of Te Arawa that matter is settled and we look forward to moving on and maintaining our relationships with Te Arawa.”

Our partnership will conclude next year when Ngāti Maru return to Te Arawa so that we can reciprocate their gift, with our gift to them.

They will meet again in the New Year to entrench their relationship.