Hawaiian students welcomed to Rotorua Boys' High School


A group of 80 representing Kamehameha School of Maui, Hawaii were welcomed onto Rotorua Boys' High School today.  The exchange is an educational and cultural one, exposing the students to new experiences. 

Rehua Selwyn (Raukura) says, "For the majority of our Māori students who have not travelled overseas, this exchange with Hawaii will widen their understanding benefiting them." 

Based on the islands of O'ahu, Maui and Hawai'i island, Kamehameha Schools is a private charitable educational trust.  They have an educational system serving over 6,900 students of Hawaiian ancestry.   

Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier (Kamehameha, Maui) says, "We hope to learn how this school operates it seems that there is a Māori block that services Māori students here and our school services Hawaiian students."

Kamehameha Schools were established by Hawaiian princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop (1831-1884), the great-granddaughter and last direct descendant of King Kamehameha I, currently they are forming a new direction for their students.  

Jay-r Kaawa (Kamehameha, Maui)  says, "We want to create Hawaiian leaders that are prepared for a global society so it's a great opportunity to bring them and have them, meet their cuzzies in Aotearoa.  There is a lot of familiarity between the Māori and Hawaiians so we have much to learn from them."

Rotorua Boys' High School wants to keep in touch with Kamehameha Schools with the hope of visiting them next year.