Hawai'ian telescope protesters may block airports, harbours

By Kawe Roes

For the second day this week, indigenous Hawai'ian groups are trying to stop the construction of a giant telescope on their ancestral mountain, Mauna Kea.

The $1.4bil telescope is about to change Mauna Kea's horizon and locals say there is no need for it in their region.

A Hawaiian local, Molly Akana says, "This telescope is not something that will benefit the people in any way.  There are already 13 telescopes and I believe over three of them are in non-working order and they have been in that condition for many many years."

Today, protectors made their stance clear to local law enforcement via social media.

A spokesperson for Māui Group says, "Whatever happens in Mauna Kea, anything that impacts any of our protectors up in Mauna Kea, Māui will definitely be the wreaking for a statewide revolt of civil disobedience."

There are currently 500 people blocking the main road to Mauna Kea.  If the construction goes forward, it is expected to be fully operational in ten years time.