Hawke's Bay man alleged to be linked to fatal shooting, in serious condition

The riverside community of Clive in Hawke's Bay was the scene of a Police pursuit ending in a man being shot by Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) members just after 11pm last night.

The man allegedly killed a woman in her Westshore home in Napier around 9pm last night.

Police say the man had threatened and shot at them.  During the fire exchange, he was wounded and given immediate medical attention.

The 28-year-old man is in a stable yet serious condition in Hastings Hospital and remains under police supervision.  Yet Police are not confirming what sparked the man's actions or his relationship with the woman.

Three investigations have been launched into the case.

Superintendent Sandra Venables says, “We're all aware this is really early in this investigation and we need get the facts and that is what my staff is dealing at the moment.”

Neighbours of the woman who was killed were still unsettled this morning and still coming to terms with her death.