Hawke's Bay prison holds special Iron Māori duathlon for inmates

The Hawke's Bay Regional Prison was the scene of a special Iron Māori duathlon called 'Chasing Sun Rays' that had been put on as a way to incentivise positive behaviour amongst the inmates.

The initiative has been so positive, a team of low level prisoners were allowed special leave to compete in last weekend's Iron Māori.

This is the special circuit that has been set up especially for the inmates at the Hawke's Bay Prison.

Inmates work in pairs, running 6 300m laps each while the other bikes, all for time.

Of the more than 600 prisoners here, more than 50% have earned the privilege to participate through good behaviour and giving a gold coin donation to the charity Victim Support.

Many benefits have come from this programme.  Two prisoners and one former prisoner entered the Iron Māori last week, the first time this has ever been done by the Department of Corrections.

Entering the team into the event took careful planning and consideration.  The prisoners selected, were based on their consistent good behaviour.  Once chosen, they were trained and taught to swim.

The event was piloted earlier this year, and based on the positive change it brought about in the prisoners, it was held again today and it is hoped it will become an annual event.