Heavy showers and thunderstorms expected to hit North Island

By Te Ao Māori News

Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to hit the main towns around the North Island over the next 9 days. However some people aren't taking the weather forecast too seriously.

Rain, wet and windy, not your preferred summer weather especially leading into Christmas. Te Kāea spoke to Auckland residents to gage their reaction to weather warning.

“It's a very rainy day today.”

"Bit makariri, pretty windy as well, but we still going to have a kei te pai time."

This afternoon weather warnings were put in place across the main towns of the North Island, with some places experiencing small tornadoes.

With only one week remaining until Christmas weather predictions say it’s going to be dismal and wet like this, but the bad weather hasn't deterred all the happy campers away.

"Have fun, go beaches"

"I don't know what's happening with it, hopefully later in the year like January or February it will get a little bit warmer and we can get outside a bit more, not that it's stopping us anyway aye."

"Maybe like put more xmas themes around, and some sheltered things, so we can go to the beach under the shelter"

"You got to keep your spirits up, even in this time"

Despite the weather warning from Metservice, this could be the time to utilise Māori resources.

In case of severe weather Civil Defense recommends to hide under tables away from windows and watch the weather forecast.